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iX Energy converts Tata 407 LCV into an EV

The move is aimed at catering to those Tata 407 owners who are looking for a shift towards a greener ecosystem.

iX Energy, a clean energy startup, has developed an innovative technology solution to convert the popular and reliable Tata 407 LCV into an EV without compromising on performance and robustness.

Key Features

  • Fast Charging
  • Gradeability Same as Base Vehicle.
  • IP 67 rated water and dust proof drive parts
  • Advanced battery cooling system for safer operations &
  • longer battery life
  • Real time fleet monitoring
  • Geofencing
  • Maintenance Reminder
  • Driver Score Tracking
  • Smart Regenerative Braking

To ensure that the converted Tata 407 EV performs just as well as its diesel-powered counterpart, iX Energy has developed an in-house EV conversion system. This includes a powertrain, battery pack, cooling systems, user interface, telematics system, and proprietary software to ensure great performance and safety. During the design and integration phase, iX Energy ensured that the original structure and dynamics of the vehicle were maintained while replacing the engine and all systems driven by the engine with their electric counterparts, such as the EV powertrain, brake system, and power steering.

As per a company statement, the EV-converted Tata 407 has a range of 135 km on a single charge and a maximum speed of 75 kmph. It can also climb grades of up to 22% at full payload. The battery can be charged up to 80% in just one hour using a DC fast charger. Alternatively, owners can choose to charge the vehicle at home or the office using an AC power supply with onboard charging, albeit at an additional cost.

The converted Tata 407 also comes with an automatic transmission to improve driving efficiency and comfort, reducing driver fatigue during congested traffic conditions.

The Low-Cost Technology Factor

The Indian automobile industry is the world’s fifth largest industry. Following the introduction of electric vehicles, it has continued to emerge as one of the top markets. The rising cost of conventional fuel is expected to accelerate the growth of vehicle electrification. The government’s strict emission standards, as well as growing environmental awareness among Indian consumers, is expected to drive demand for electric vehicles. Along this vertical, an Uttar Pradesh based private firm named IX Energy provides potent electrical vehicles with a strong mission to disrupt India’s freight and public transport.

IX Energy is a technology company that builds intelligent electrical transport systems to global standards. This firm is helping in the making transportation of goods and people – more environmental friendly and sustainable. Hybrid vehicle kits and fully electric vehicle kits are the primary products of this firm. Sustainable, cost efficient economically viable, and in-house technology together give IX Energy an edge over other players.

IX Energy, strives to deliver real economic value to its customers. The Indian automobile market is driven by cost effectiveness. By incorporating frugal design and cost efficient technology, the company is creating significant economic value to this highly price sensitive sector. IX Energy is able to keep the costs low because it developed indigenous technology. That is the reason why IX Energy’s kits are in high demand. The company develops well engineered systems that go through multiple quality checks to ensure that customer don’t face loss of business due to breakdowns.

Speaking more on this, Founder & Managing Director of the firm, Anshu Dewan, says, “Low cost and high quality are essential for success in this business. We have developed an extensive set of quality checkpoints that start from the time of design and extend till the pre-delivery of the products. Our firm is customer-centric and we will strive to maintain our philosophy regardless of the repercussions.

We have developed an extensive set of quality checkpoints that start from the time of design and extend till the pre-delivery of the products. Our firm is customer centric and we will strive to maintain our philosophy regardless of the repercussions.

The journey of IX Energy has been long and full of learnings. “With over 2 years in R&D – we have learnt the minor aspects of design and technology that can have major real word consequences”, says Anshu Dewan. Since the concept of installing a battery and electric power train was new in the Indian market, it was not accepted by most people. So the growth was tepid in the initial stage, but with the acceptance of EV technology, multiple projects are lined up and IX Energy is poised for significant growth including projects in Assam and Gujarat. “Decisively, our firm is striving to electrify transportation and protect the environment from hazardous consequences,” concludes Anshu Dewan.