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EED- SFC Tata 407

In an era where sustainability and eco-consciousness are paramount, the EED – Tata SFC 407 project represents a pioneering effort in electrifying last-mile transportation. This project showcases the transformation of a TATA SFC 407 into an electric vehicle (EV), offering an impressive range of 135 kilometers per charge and boasting ultra-fast charging technology, capable of recharging the vehicle in just one hour.

  1. Retrofitted to Electric: The project’s core innovation lies in the retrofitting of the TATA SFC 407 model to electric power. This approach offers an eco-conscious solution for last-mile transportation by electrifying an existing vehicle platform.
  2. Impressive Range: With a remarkable range of 135 kilometers per charge, the electric Tata SFC 407 becomes a practical choice for short-distance urban logistics, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.
  3. Ultra-Fast Charging Technology: The project incorporates ultra-fast charging technology, enabling the vehicle to be fully charged in just one hour. This quick turnaround time minimizes downtime, making it an attractive option for businesses reliant on time-sensitive deliveries.
  4. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: By converting the TATA SFC 407 into an electric vehicle, the project significantly reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution, contributing to cleaner and quieter urban environments.

EED – Mahindra Supro

The EED – Mahindra Supro project is a testament to innovation and sustainability in urban mobility. Through the collaboration between IX Energy Pvt Ltd and NCR based Private fleet operator , this project has successfully transformed the Mahindra Supro into a cutting-edge electric vehicle, meeting the client’s specific requirements with a remarkable 21% gradeability.

Battery Operated: The conversion to a battery-operated vehicle eliminates tailpipe emissions and reduces the carbon footprint associated with urban transportation.

Battery Technology: A 72V 15kWh battery pack is at the heart of the electric powertrain. This advanced battery technology provides sufficient energy storage to power the vehicle while ensuring a reasonable range on a single charge.

Powerful Motor: The project is equipped with a 30kW electric motor, delivering the necessary power and torque for urban driving while meeting the client’s specific requirements.

Remarkable Gradeability:

One of the standout achievements of the EED – Mahindra Supro project is its remarkable 21% gradeability. Gradeability refers to a vehicle’s ability to climb steep inclines or gradients. This feature makes the converted Supro well-suited for navigating hilly or challenging urban terrains, ensuring reliability and performance in a variety of scenarios.

The EED – Mahindra Supro project was driven by a client-centric approach. The vehicle was customized to meet the specific requirements and expectations of the client, ensuring that it aligned perfectly with their urban transportation needs.

EED- Daimler Truck

In a remarkable stride towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the collaboration between IX Energy Pvt Ltd and Daimler Truck has given rise to the groundbreaking project, EED – Lion.

Daimler, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the automotive sector, played a pivotal role in this project. As the manufacturer of the base vehicle, Daimler’s involvement not only ensured the project’s credibility but also highlighted the willingness of industry leaders to embrace electric mobility solutions.

IX Energy Pvt Ltd, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, took the lead in repowering the Fuso model with electric drivetrain technology. Their expertise in powertrain design, vehicle control strategy, and the integration of powertrain onto the vehicle chassis were instrumental in the project’s success.

EED – LPT Tata 407 (ARAI Approved)

The EED – LPT Tata 407 project represents a significant milestone in the evolution of electric mobility. In collaboration with IX Energy Pvt Ltd, we have successfully transformed an aging conventional diesel vehicle into a cutting-edge electric powerhouse. This retrofit project has not only breathed new life into an older vehicle but has also opened doors to sustainable, eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Powerful Battery Pack: The heart of this conversion is a robust 53 kWh high-power, waterproof battery pack. This advanced energy storage system ensures extended driving range and dependable performance, even in adverse weather conditions.

High-Performance Motor: The vehicle now boasts an 80 kW electric motor, offering impressive acceleration and handling capabilities. This upgrade enhances the vehicle’s overall performance while maintaining efficiency.

Extended Range: With this conversion, the EED – LPT Tata 407 achieves a remarkable range of up to 120 km* on a single charge, even under full load conditions. This extended range ensures its suitability for a wide range of applications.

DC Fast charging: Vehicle can be full charge in 1 hour.

Ecommerce: The EED – LPT Tata 407 is an excellent choice for last-mile delivery services in the booming ecommerce industry. Its extended range and eco-friendly credentials make it a cost-effective and sustainable option for logistics companies.

Logistics: Streamlining logistics operations has never been easier. This electric vehicle provides the perfect blend of efficiency, reliability, and reduced operational costs, making it ideal for urban and suburban logistics.

City Rides: In congested urban environments, this vehicle shines as a practical and eco-conscious mode of transportation. Its compact yet robust design ensures it can navigate city streets with ease.