ESD- Skyline Bus- ESD – HYBRID BUS

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IX EnergyESD- Skyline Bus- ESD – HYBRID BUS

Short Description

Project Name: ESD – HYBRID BUS for Private Fleet Owner: Advancing Sustainable Transportation
Certification: ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology)
Type of Vehicle: Hybrid Electric Bus
Vehicle Model: TATA 1512
Make: Tata
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Bus

This project focuses on the conversion of a TATA 1512 bus into a hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), offering private fleet owners the advantages of increased mileage and reduced CO2 emissions.

ICAT Approved ESD Kit: The project deploys an ICAT approved ESD (Electric and Sustainable Drive) kit, ensuring compliance with international standards and safety regulations.

Trail in NCR Area: The ESD – HYBRID BUS project underwent a rigorous trial in the bustling and traffic-laden NCR (National Capital Region) area. This real-world testing ground provided valuable insights into the vehicle’s performance and efficiency.

Extra Mileage: The hybrid technology delivered increased mileage, a significant advantage for private fleet owners seeking to optimize fuel costs and extend the range of their vehicles.

Lower CO2 Emissions: By reducing fuel consumption and incorporating electric propulsion, the project succeeded in lowering CO2 emissions, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and reduce the environmental impact of transportation.

Enhanced Performance: Drivers reported heightened performance, including extra pick-up capabilities, making the hybrid bus a preferred choice for navigating traffic and challenging road conditions.

Regenerative Braking Efficiency: The regenerative braking system, a hallmark of hybrid technology, efficiently captured and reused energy during deceleration, further improving the vehicle’s efficiency and reducing wear and tear on the braking system.