ESD – Mahindra Comfio (Hybrid)

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IX EnergyESD – Mahindra Comfio (Hybrid)

Short Description

Project Name: ESD – Mahindra Comfio Hybrid Bus
Type of Vehicle: Hybrid Electric Bus
Vehicle Model: Mahindra Confio
Make: Mahindra
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Bus

In 2019, IX Energy Pvt Ltd achieved a significant milestone by successfully delivering the ESD – Mahindra Comfio Hybrid Bus project. This transformation, conducted at Mahindra’s Pune facility, marked a major stride in the integration of hybrid technology into urban transportation, with functionality and fuel economy verified by Mahindra’s bus and truck division.

Mahindra Collaboration: The project was conducted in collaboration with Mahindra’s bus and truck division, highlighting IX Energy Pvt Ltd’s dedication to working with industry leaders to advance sustainable transportation solutions.

Fuel Economy and Functionality Testing: Rigorous functionality and fuel economy tests were performed to ensure the hybrid bus’s reliability, performance, and efficiency met the standards set by Mahindra.