IX Project


Short Description

Project Name: ESD- ASTC – Increasing fuel efficiency in public transportation
Certification: ICAT (International Centre for Automotive Technology)
Type of Vehicle: Integrated Electric Power Train
Vehicle Models: Tata 1512 and Ultra 8m
Make: Tata
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Bus

The ESD – ASTC HYBRID BUS project stands as a beacon of hope for sustainable public transportation in the post-pandemic world. Through collaboration with ASTC and rigorous trials, IX Energy Pvt Ltd has showcased the potential of integrated electric power train technology to revolutionize urban mobility.

Fuel Efficiency : We proudly sign off with the achievement of a remarkable 18% increase in fuel efficiency thanks to our innovative Hybrid kit.

Integrated Electric Power Train: The ESD – ASTC HYBRID BUS project employs an integrated electric power train, emphasizing the seamless integration of electric propulsion technology into the existing fleet of public transportation buses.

Guwahati Pilot Run: After the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the project marked the resumption of public transportation services with a pilot run in Guwahati.

In collaboration with ASTC, the project conducted a 90-day trial from ASTC Rupnagar to Chaya Gaon. This trial was a continuation of the success of a previous 9-meter electric bus trial, which demonstrated exceptional performance by covering a daily distance of 120 kilometers.