EED- SFC Tata 407

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IX EnergyEED- SFC Tata 407

Short Description

Project Name: EED – Tata SFC 407: Electrifying Last-Mile Transportation
Certification: ARAI (In process)
Type of Vehicle: Retrofitted to electric
Vehicle Models: SFC 407
Make: Tata
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Truck

In an era where sustainability and eco-consciousness are paramount, the EED – Tata SFC 407 project represents a pioneering effort in electrifying last-mile transportation. This project showcases the transformation of a TATA SFC 407 into an electric vehicle (EV), offering an impressive range of 135 kilometers per charge and boasting ultra-fast charging technology, capable of recharging the vehicle in just one hour.

  1. Retrofitted to Electric: The project’s core innovation lies in the retrofitting of the TATA SFC 407 model to electric power. This approach offers an eco-conscious solution for last-mile transportation by electrifying an existing vehicle platform.
  2. Impressive Range: With a remarkable range of 135 kilometers per charge, the electric Tata SFC 407 becomes a practical choice for short-distance urban logistics, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation.
  3. Ultra-Fast Charging Technology: The project incorporates ultra-fast charging technology, enabling the vehicle to be fully charged in just one hour. This quick turnaround time minimizes downtime, making it an attractive option for businesses reliant on time-sensitive deliveries.
  4. Sustainability and Eco-Friendliness: By converting the TATA SFC 407 into an electric vehicle, the project significantly reduces carbon emissions and noise pollution, contributing to cleaner and quieter urban environments.