EED – Mahindra Supro

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IX EnergyEED – Mahindra Supro

Short Description

Project Name: EED – Mahindra Supro
Type of Vehicle: Battery Operated
Vehicle Model: Supro
Make: Mahindra
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Truck

The EED – Mahindra Supro project is a testament to innovation and sustainability in urban mobility. Through the collaboration between IX Energy Pvt Ltd and NCR based Private fleet operator , this project has successfully transformed the Mahindra Supro into a cutting-edge electric vehicle, meeting the client’s specific requirements with a remarkable 21% gradeability.

Battery Operated: The conversion to a battery-operated vehicle eliminates tailpipe emissions and reduces the carbon footprint associated with urban transportation.

Battery Technology: A 72V 15kWh battery pack is at the heart of the electric powertrain. This advanced battery technology provides sufficient energy storage to power the vehicle while ensuring a reasonable range on a single charge.

Powerful Motor: The project is equipped with a 30kW electric motor, delivering the necessary power and torque for urban driving while meeting the client’s specific requirements.

Remarkable Gradeability:

One of the standout achievements of the EED – Mahindra Supro project is its remarkable 21% gradeability. Gradeability refers to a vehicle’s ability to climb steep inclines or gradients. This feature makes the converted Supro well-suited for navigating hilly or challenging urban terrains, ensuring reliability and performance in a variety of scenarios.

The EED – Mahindra Supro project was driven by a client-centric approach. The vehicle was customized to meet the specific requirements and expectations of the client, ensuring that it aligned perfectly with their urban transportation needs.