EED- Daimler Truck

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IX EnergyEED- Daimler Truck

Short Description

Project Name: EED – Lion
Type of Vehicle: Retrofit (Converted to Electric Vehicle)
Vehicle Model: Fuso Canter
Make: Daimler
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Truck

In a remarkable stride towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, the collaboration between IX Energy Pvt Ltd and Daimler Truck has given rise to the groundbreaking project, EED – Lion.

Daimler, a name synonymous with innovation and excellence in the automotive sector, played a pivotal role in this project. As the manufacturer of the base vehicle, Daimler’s involvement not only ensured the project’s credibility but also highlighted the willingness of industry leaders to embrace electric mobility solutions.

IX Energy Pvt Ltd, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, took the lead in repowering the Fuso model with electric drivetrain technology. Their expertise in powertrain design, vehicle control strategy, and the integration of powertrain onto the vehicle chassis were instrumental in the project’s success.