EED – Adapting Retrofitting in E-Mobility

IX Project

IX EnergyEED – Adapting Retrofitting in E-Mobility

Short Description

Project Name: EED – Electric Bus
Type of Vehicle: Electric Bus (retrofit)
Vehicle Model: TATA 1623
Make: Tata
Repowered By: IX Energy Pvt Ltd

  • Categories : Bus

In a pivotal moment for India’s electric mobility transformation, IX Energy Pvt Ltd took a pioneering step by collaborating with Tata Motors to develop the EED – Adapting Retrofitting in E-Mobility project. Focusing on the electrification of the TATA 1623 bus, this initiative represents a leap forward in sustainable urban transportation, with a comprehensive approach encompassing powertrain design, mechanical stability, control strategy, and vehicle dynamics.

Collaboration with Tata: The project signifies a dynamic collaboration between IX Energy Pvt Ltd and Tata Motors, two giants in their respective fields.

Transformation of the TATA 1623: The project involves the transformation of the TATA 1623 bus model into an electric vehicle, showcasing how retrofitting can play a pivotal role in transitioning India’s public transportation sector toward sustainability.

Promoting Electric Mobility: The successful retrofitting of the bus model serves as a model for other transportation providers looking to transition to electric mobility while leveraging existing vehicle assets

Supporting India’s EV Vision: The project aligns with India’s vision of widespread electric vehicle adoption, offering practical solutions for urban transportation providers to embrace cleaner and more efficient mobility options.