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IX Energy


IX Energy is a technology company based in New Delhi, India, building intelligent electric transport solutions for India and the world. We aim to be the leading global player in the cleaner and smarter future of connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to disrupt India’s freight and public transport and make it smarter through our Semi and Full Electric Trucks and Buses. We offer an intelligent low-cost option to convert existing Diesel/CNG vehicles into Hybrid and Full Electric vehicles.

Our Vision

Future of transport as a cleaner, smarter and more integrated system of mobility. Now imagine if this shared vision could be brought to life in an efficient, cost-effective manner. This is the vision that we, at IX, aspire to achieve every day.

Our Products

What We Offer
Semi-electric powertrains for up to 20% reduction in fuel costs.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Kits

Pocket-friendly fleet solutions, designed to transform your intra-city fleet of buses or trucks. The pioneering technology of regenerative braking enables the iX HEV kit to convert vehicle stopping energy into electric charge. The kit utilizes the energy of the moving vehicle as it is brought to stop by the driver, stores it in the smart battery box, and uses this energy to accelerate the vehicle next time.

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ROI – Semi Electric

Full-electric powertrains for up to 75% reduction in fuel cost.

Full Electric Vehicle Kits

Pocket-friendly fleet solutions, designed for your fleet of inter-city buses and trucks. The full electric kit is the pioneer of sustainability to take your fleet completely off fuel dependency. Full electrification of trucks and buses is possible in half the cost of the new ones. With innovative technology solutions fully developed indigenously, the FEV kit offers powerful cost-saving capabilities.

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ROI – Full Electric

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